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September 16, 2014

The Joys of Sharing and Unplugging

Last week my husband and I took a short trip to Lake Tahoe for some down-time and much needed relaxation.  Since we drove, I packed all the food we would need, into a cooler. I didn't want to leave the cabin other than to walk in the fresh air or sit under the trees on the back deck.  I thought that would be enough to relax me.

relaxing holiday

Of course my phone and iPad came along for the ride.  I brought several books including Arianna Huffington's latest book, Thrive.


The book encourages us to focus on our mental and emotional well-being, health, and practice slow-living.  Self care as a measure of success,  rather than how much prestige and money we have. She focuses on the importance of meditation, sleep, mindfulness, and our society's need to unplug from too much social media. Hmm....

I enjoy social media but I'm somewhat of an Instagram lover addict.   I started snapping pics with my phone the minute we got to the cabin so I could share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I finally set my iPad to play classical music, settled down to read and came to this:

"And by so-obsessively documenting our experiences, we never truly have them."
                                                   ~Sherry Turkle, MIT professor and author of  Alone Together 

Pause...what was I doing?

I decided to unplug, cold turkey for 24 hours! I actually used my Ipad to snap a visual of me powering off my phone...which I proceeded to share!  That borders on crazy in my book!

unplugging from cell phone

September 14, 2014

10 Reasons I Love Being Over 50

  • I can easily let go of friendships that drain me.  I no longer feel the need to tolerate poor behavior or dishonesty, just to keep a friend.  I expect more from my female friendships than I did at 35.  I should have had these standards back then, but I didn't...so there you go, part of being over 50!

  • I never worry what people think I look like in my bathing suit.  I simply don't care :)   If I feel confident enough to put it on and step out, then I'm happy.  Other people's opinion of my body or appearance is fading faster than my firm chin line.  I'm comfortable in my own skin...even though it seems to be stretching in interesting spots.   I've come to terms with my body, my age, my looks.

My crows feet are a sign of the joy I find in life!

September 10, 2014

Be Your Own Muse

As summer winds down I've begun to clear my wardrobe of the flotsam and jetsam that always seems to collect at the end of a season.

You know...the white  T-shirts that yellowed over the summer, the sandals that were seldom worn because they caused blisters at every wearing, the cheap inexpensive skirt that pilled beyond recognition after the first washing, (which made it too expensive, no matter the price)


 I'm still anticipating several weeks of hot, summer-like weather here in California but because I grew up on the east coast, my internal clock tells me Autumn is right around the corner. 

After all, it's fashion week in New York!

As I look over what I stored at the end of last winter, I'm gauging what stays and what goes.
My personal style has been in the process of evolving for several months and I anticipate a change in how I want to look this fall.  

"Who will you be next season?"

September 7, 2014

What It Takes To Be A Grandparent

A grandchild is usually involved in this equation.  For me... it was James...who arrived late last year.

For some people, grand-parenting is being a wise confidant, trusted guide, and frequently sympathetic ear for a younger person. You needn't be related by blood to be a grandparent.

August 22, 2014

The Importance of Your Voice

My take-away from last month's BlogHer convention was about my "voice".  Both my audible voice and my written voice.  The authenticity of my voice. The value or perceived value of my voice.

I met so many bloggers with a honed...specific...laser focused voice,  I came away wondering..."what is my voice?" Why am I blogging and do I even want to continue?

What exactly is a "Lifestyle" blog? Has mine become a journal of sorts with the occasional rant  thrown in?  It's certainly not evolved into what I intended it to be. For that matter, I'm not sure I had a clear direction in mind when I started this one.

Fairmont San Jose
The view from my gorgeous room at the Fairmont San Jose.