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April 21, 2014

Coming Attractions

I feel like I've been living out of my very small suitcase for months. I'd barely unpacked from 2 weeks in Mexico before I headed east to spend time with my grandson. Two weeks away...is a very long time for a little fellow...I was shocked by how much he'd sprouted. 

Two days later I was stuffing loading my car for Napa Valley and the Bloggers In Napa Valley adventure.
I hadn't met any of these women before and was anxious to put a face and voice to each one.

When I fly, I pack as little as possible, but when I drive...all bets are off.  I brought at least 5 hats, uncountable numbers of scarves and enough clothes for a year. And even though this trip was to sunny, warm, Napa Valley... I wore my standard vampire garb. 

wine tour in Napa Valley
Cheer's from Domaine Carneros Chateau 

I have many people to thank and thoughts to organize so I can share this experience...but honestly... I can't seem to get it together yet... so I sat down yesterday and made a little movie trailer about it. 

This medium is not my forte, so it's a bit jumpy in full screen mode...but here it is. Watch the smaller version...with the volume on.

There is a huge schmaltzy factor to this little video...but I'm feeling pretty sentimental about this trip.

Adrienne of The Rich Life On A Budget worked tirelessly for over four months... to organize and put this entire trip together. No detail was left to chance and everything was seamlessly beautiful.  I can't thank her enough for including me in this adventure.

I brought home memories of a lifetime!

More to follow, when I get my car unpacked.

April 12, 2014

Mexico in Two Bags

I'm in the process of unpacking from my two weeks in Mexico. The first week seemed to pass slowly...but the second week flew past...way too quickly. That's always the way with my vacations.

For the first several days, we stayed at the Loreto Bay Golf Resort on the Sea of Cortez.

A good book, beautiful scenery, ocean breezes and a comfy chaise lounge in the cool shade of a palapa...is my idea of decompressing. I can't remember the last time my husband and I had a vacation where nothing is required...except relaxing.

April 1, 2014

My Cruising Essentials

What would you choose as your top ten items to bring on vacation? What if it's a cruise?

 We've done several cruises on the Windstar Cruise Line, which are the perfect size ship for us. Less than 200 passengers.  They can get closer into small ports...which is great... but don't have the resources and shopping opportunities that are aboard the huge ships.

Cruising Mediterranean

There are several essentials that I never go on vacation without. But for a cruise...that list becomes more  critical  because you're on the move...almost constantly...often in exotic places.

kindle paperwhite

1-  A Kindle Paperwhite loaded with several new books I've been anxious to read.  At home my preference is paper & ink books.  But for travel, the Kindle is far more convenient.  I can also download other books anywhere I find wifi.  It's not always easy to find a book you want to read, written in English, in a foreign speaking port.

La Roche-Posey sunscreen

2-  Multiple bottles and brands of sunscreen.  I had melanoma in my late 30's so I take my sunscreen very, very seriously.  These are some of my current favorites.  The La Roche-Posay is a physical block, but virtually invisible on the skin.  Most mineral sunscreens are nasty white pasty things.  Not this one!  The Shisedo one is a combination mineral/chemical sunscreen and also very clear upon application.  I always keep this Neutrogena stick in my purse...for instant back of hand protection.

polarized sunglasses

3-  I always bring at least one extra pair of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.  Obviously, they couldn't be replaced on a cruise and my trip would be worthless ruined if I'd only brought one pair and they broke or were lost.  Another benefit is the ability...along with my hats and accessories...to make the same black dress look different.

4-  I like to bring an over-the-door toiletries holder/organizer. A clear over-the-door shoe organizer works just as easily.  Counter space is usually quite minimal on cruises unless you're traveling Silversea or equivalent.

5-  For a cruise I like this hat from Coolibar because the brim is wide and the strap will keep it on my head in a strong wind.  Mine is the far one you see in this photo in cream.  I stack multiple hats inside each other and pack them upside down in my suitcase.

6-  This is coming with me every time I travel from now on. I can't take credit for finding it.  That goes to our always inspiring and brilliant friend Slim Paley.  I was guilty of bringing a far inferior product until she mentioned this in her latest post.  Thank you Slim!  My alternative was pathetic.

Wardrobe Workhorse

7-  A black Jersey Dress...the workhorse of my travel wardrobe! I'd bring at least one.

7-  My cell phone.  Ugly as it looks and sounds...all my contacts' information is stored on it.  Plus it's smaller and lighter than my camera so I'm more likely to take it everywhere.  My camera is a heavy production to haul around, so I frequently leave it behind.

8-  Although I don't do water, I would bring a bathing suit.  I don't sunbathe, I don't swim and I don't use public hot tubs...but for a cruise, I would always bring a couple of bathing suits.

9-  A beautiful caftan to slip into at the end of the day.  Loose fitting and elegant, it's perfect for having drinks on the deck or relaxing in our cabin.  

10-  Scarves, sarongs and wraps.  I travel with tons of them.  I'm currently lusting after this one from Hermes.  I have a predominantly black and neutral wardrobe so I like to add my punch of color and pattern with scarves, 

I've been invited to join By Invitation Only this month at Marsha's, Splenderosa.
Please go over and see the what the other ladies' must pack for a cruise or vacation.

Do you have essentials you always bring on a trip?

March 27, 2014

Packing Logistics

I was asked to demonstrate how I can travel for multiple weeks using carry on baggage only.  
This is how I packed my bags for a two week trip to Mexico...which starts tomorrow.

This packing style works best for cruises or trips where you arrive...and stay in one place for a more than a day or two. Everything needs to be taken out upon arrival and hung up or put in drawers.

In my experience, rolling clothes does not prevent wrinkles. Nor does layering plastic dry cleaner bags between the clothes. In fact when I tried the plastic, everything slid into crumpled disasters. 

organizing clothes for packing

My clothes get organized on my rolling rack. Shoes are packed in soft cloth bags and hats are chosen for outfits and climate. Lingerie, socks and accessories are all out and visible before anything goes into the bag.

March 21, 2014

Shades of Spring

ROUND TWO, in which Polyvore doesn't publish a post until I'm finished writing it.

Shades of Spring

I have several vacations coming up so I've been perusing new shapes in sunglasses.  I'm particularly loving round. These Prada ones are very sweet but not polarized, which cuts them out for me.  I squint without polarized lenses, which makes them pretty worthless in my book. 

Valentino tortoise glasses / The row sunglasses, $445 / Prada round eyewear / Lilly Pulitzer polarized cat eye sunglasses / Polarized aviator sunglasses

~ I have some random bits of nonsense to share this weekend~

On the subject of shades:

After collecting everyone's opinion...debating the pros and cons...weighing all possible outcomes...ignoring all advice...I finally bit the bullet and had my hair colored on Friday. My hope was to camouflage the ever increasing gray. I was convinced it looked mousy. I was apparently, the only one who saw the gray.

In a bizarre twist of fate, my hair looks grayer now than it did before. 

On the left is my natural, uncolored hair, on the right, my new colored gray hair. It now has that subtle hint of lavender that's so charming on older women. 

This firmly falls into the category, some of the my worst injuries are self inflicted. I'm now in the market for a new hairdresser.


If you haven't been reading Jen Lawrence's blog, do yourself a favor and pop right over to join the conversation. When I first found her, I went back to her beginning so I could catch up and get to know her. I'm not sure how I found her blog, but it's delightful and beautifully  written.
Last week she tagged me for a round of 11 Random Things About Me , so here we go...